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Put your Renovation project in the hands of the experts


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About Us

Who we are and how we can help you

Home Renovations in Rodney, North Shore & Auckland

Based just North of Albany, we are specialists in Residential Home Renovations

You want to renovate, you’ve had a look around and have have superb ideas? We can help you turn those ideas into reality!

We guide you through the process, we liaise & organise other tradespeople at specific stages to ensure a smooth transition through the renovation.

About Us

Give us call or e-mail; lets start working on your beautiful new space

Talk to Niki and Paul, we can help you through your renovation


Jeevez is a full service home renovation service.

With experienced builders, with over 35 years experience and we offer an extensive range of building & maintenance services.

We are happy to have a chat to you about the best options for your bathroom and renovation projects.

We supply custom products, call us 0944 33 561

James Potter Landscaping

Put your renovation project in the hands of the experts.

Upgrade your outdoor space

James Potter 021 022 68509 for all your Landscaping Needs

Are you sick of gravel or soggy grass?? Enhance your outdoor living for all seasons of the year!

Adding a pergola & deck will increase your usable living area, making it easy for you to entertain and enjoy your tranquil relaxation time.

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James Potter for all your landscaping needs Based on the North Shore in Auckland



Retaining Walls

All hard and soft Landscaping

Repairs to deck

In this instance the front porch had been completely sealed, not allowing rain and weather to escape from the confines of the porch.

The existing decking had rotted away and it was unsafe to enter the home from the front.

Using props, the roof was supported allowing repairs to timber substrate and new deck to be built. This is general home maintenance if the footprint is not changed nor the height no permit is required.

Piles meet or exceed minimum standards – usually 125 x 125 (H5).

Bearers & joists H4, decking customers preference.

Grooved – non grooved (premium) Kwila, Vitex, Saligna, Pine and Jarrah. Considerations to be aware of in making a choice are: Lengths available, moisture content, durability, profile, bleeding, splintering, hardness, width of board as well as cost.

Moisture Content

Timber swells and shrinks as it gains and loses moisture from the environment. If you are ordering decking timber, make sure it has an appropriate moisture content (usually Air Dried is sufficient, but some timbers may need to be Kiln Dried).

Timber Deck Durability

Durability can be explained in more detail; basically, you need to make sure your deck will last. For example we would not recommend using Macrocarpa for decking because the boards may have Sap on the edge that will cause it to decay very quickly.

Timber Deck Profile

Generally, decking is available as Reeded One Face (also known as Griptread) which has a Smooth back, but a Smooth on both faces option may also be available.  You should think about whether you want a Reeded Face (better for grip in the wet) or a Smooth Face (cleaner looking deck).

Timber Deck Bleeding

All timber will bleed, that is, leech a coloured dye when in contact with water. For most timbers, the amount of bleeding is minimal and will have no effect.  However, Kwila bleeds a lot, and the dye that leeches out will stain surrounding concrete and plaster.

Timber Deck Fixing

It is recommended that only annular grooved nails are used for fixing decking to joists. This is because, as the timber naturally swells and shrinks, it may push up a smooth shanked nail. It is also recommended (but not as common in practice) to pre-drill all nails.  Another important note is that where possible nails should be in an offset pattern so that two nails do not cause the wood to split.

Beautiful spaces for Beautiful people


Trust the specialists with all you waterproofing needs.

Technikola_LogoThe team at Jeevez have over 20 years combined experience in the Waterproofing Industry. We only use council approved, BRANZ certified, industry leading products for all our waterproofing work. Applied in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications.  No residential job is too big nor too small. Dealing with clients, project managers, builders and architects is our forte.

Jeevez offer supply and installation of accredited waterproofing systems in the wet areas of your home.

We are trained & Certified by Technikola to supply and install internal waterproofing solutions

We are authorised by Auckland Council to issue producer statements

Whether you require remedial work or new waterproofing membrane for your bathroom, laundry or kitchen, you can trust that we will not just get the job done, it will be completed to the highest of industry standards, on time and within budget.

Technokola use Jeevez work for BRANZ to view for the continuation of the BRANZ certification.

Do the job once and do it right! After all, it’s too costly to do the job twice.

Get the Jeevez professionals to supply and install waterproofing to your wet areas reducing lifetime cost. Jeevez will avoid the heart ache if its not done right the first time!!!

Authorised by Auckland City Council to issue producer statements

“There is no better proof of service than a satisfied customer”


Shower Solutions Logo

Shower Solutions offer a wide range of Glass configurations, standard and custom made.  There is always a solution.  Proudly NZ owned and operated

If you are looking for beautiful, well-crafted and quality framed and frameless glass showers, look no further! We have the best quality and best value on Framed and Frameless Glass Complete Showers, Framed and Frameless Glass Shower Doors, Framed and Frameless Glass Bath Screens and, Framed and Frameless Glass Mirrors.

Companies we HIGHLY recommend and use in our business and personally

Arrend Electrical
Will and his amazing team at Arrend Electrical family owned and operated

Contact us today!
Phone : 021 0233 7803
Email : will@arrendelectrical.co.nz
Website: www.arrendelectrical.co.nz


Put your Renovation project in the hands of the experts

Book an Appointment with one of our team If you’d like to get some clarity around your bathroom project, book an appointment with one of our expert team using the form below, and we’ll be in touch quickly to arrange a time that suits you to come to your home and talk through your options and understand what you’re wanting to achieve.

We look forward to talking with you soon.

To book an appointment, please fill out the details below and we will endeavor to call you within 24 hours to confirm an appointment at your home.

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